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“The Cupertino Printer is the bureau within the Cupertino Alliance responsible for producing and licensing official documents issued by the Government.”

Chapter 18, §132, Charter Act, 2020

Our mission is simple: 

Providing a free, safe, and accessible means to access CA documents

The Cupertino Alliance contains over a thousand documents amassing a size of over a gigabyte. It’s no easy trying to search through all of that- so that’s why we exist!

Educating the public on the very organization that endows us

A core component to our mission is to educate the public about the history and foundation of the Cupertino Alliance, its achievements and missteps, and how it was modeled to the very organization we know today.

Publish and license documents made in the Cupertino Alliance

This can include legislative documents by the Cupertino Parliament, ministerial papers, or the Cupertino Guides. Documents made by CA members for their respective governments are not under our jurisdiction.


Motion of no confidence

A powerful tool that can be used in the Cupertino Parliament

Unlike other agencies, we’re constitutionally enshrined 😎

But what does that mean? Read our article about the Charter Act, 2020.

The Cupertino Alliance Printer is the official publisher and distributor for all things Cupertino Alliance- micronational’s premiere alliance. Managed by Ministry of Press and Promotion.

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